Comments From Paint By Joe Satisfied Customers

Date:  3/9/2009
Name:  C. & V. Stover
Location:  King George, VA
Comments:  Last year, 2007, my husband was given Joe's business card, Paint by Joe. Let me tell you, the work the man has done on our log home is phenomenal! He couldn't have done better for us had he owned the home himself.

The weather was somewhat kind to us all as he started in early November. Like a one man army he had to tackle stripping the original stain off a two story log home with unattached garage. He did compliment us on how much care we had taken in doing the original stain ourselves during the building. He was on site from early morning until dusk, working harder than our original builder! It is now March and we have seen heavy rains and very cold weather, the house looks like the day Joe finished! The shine is still there, our friends are amazed at how well it looks. The rain just slides right off.

I will not hesitate to have Joe back to do the maintenance when the time comes.

Date:  11/24/2007
Name:  Brenda Hoffman
Location:  Remington, VA
Comments:  Paint by Joe just finished our log home and it really looks wonderful. He really is good at what he does and you can tell he knows his products. I would truly recommend him to anyone. He was very clean with the application. He takes his time and the job has to meet his satisfaction before it is considered done. Hopefully, he will be adding pictures of his work done to our house to his website soon.

Another very satisfied customer!

Name:  Bill Yontz
 Bumpass, VA
Comments:  Joe completely redid the exterior of our log home including the porches and decks. Prior work had been shoddy (previous contractor had used an inferior product). Joe stripped, neutralized and resealed the entire house and a shed. He also sealed our decks and porches. When he started the job he stayed with it until it was done. The end product is wonderful. Very high quality work at a reasonable price. Other owners of log homes have come to look at it and have been equally impressed. Also, Joe is great to work with; responsive and flexible. He knows his business in terms of products, applications, etc. Highly recommended.

Date:  5/20/2006
Name:  Hattie Boulden
Location:  Manassas, VA
Comments:  Joe did a most excellent job of painting our home a few years ago and most recently he power- washed and painted our deck. The house still looks like it was done yesterday and the deck looks like a piece of fine furniture. Joe's attention to every detail is painstaking. He is a consummate professional who takes great pride in his workmanship. I only wish that he could clone himself into a specialist in every field that's needed to maintain a home. Then I could be certain that every job I needed done would be done right the first time, on time, and at a fair price. I look forward to having Joe do all the painting that ever needs doing around our house for many years to come.

Date:  3/29/2006
Name:  Steve Tice
Location:  Great Falls, VA
Comments:  Joe has twice done wonderful work for us. Our home is a 20 year old Deck House and twice before, we had our cedar sidings treated but within a few years, they started weathering again. Two summers ago, we had Joe stain/seal our siding. He selected the best materials (Sikkens) and did 3 applications. Our home came out looking like new. And two years later still looking great. Joe usually works by himself (but occasionally with his recently retired father) and although methodical, he finished our home in less than a week. Let me also add that Joe is very reasonably priced. He charged a little less than the previous stainings but his workmanship is outstanding. We also retained Joe recently to paint our living room

Date:  2/20/2006
Name:  Bill Yontz
Location:  McLean, VA
Comments:  A year ago we purchased an "almost new" log home on a lake in Virginia. The first owner's builder did a horrible job on the interior. There was no interior caulking, the logs were unusually rough, some of the beams were discolored from being in the weather for some time, and the sealing on the interior was quite uneven. We have very nice wooden doors but the sealer was sprayed on right over the sawdust, black marks, et al. Joe took care of everything! Day after day he sanded logs and doors. His caulking skill is the best I've ever seen. And, his prices are quite reasonable. I defy anyone to show us an interior finish in a log home as good as what Joe did for us! 

Date:  2/14/2006
Name:  Malcolm Green
Location:  Kitty Hawk, NC
Comments:  Pbjinc - should be renamed "Pefection by Joe INC, Once again I have not been disappointed Joe has done a fantastic job returning my beach house to prestine condition. I cannot recomend Joe more highly you need look no further - Joe will deliver a top quality job with the finest products all at a fair price. As long as Joe is in business he'll paint my house.

Date:  8/8/2005
Name:  Chris Witeck
Location:  Winchester, VA
Comments:  You ignored our requests and said that we should just trust you because you were the "expert," and . . . you were right -- neon pink and fluorescent yellow stripes look AWESOME on a mountain cabin! Just kidding -- thanks for the phenomenal job on our log cabin and barn. Although they had gone a few years too long without attention, you (and Sikkens) made them look great again. We really appreciate your painstaking attention to detail, hard work and patience with our zillions of questions. We look forward to working with you in the future and would enthusiastically recommend you to anyone. FYI to anyone considering using Joe, we had never met him before this job but had him stay at our cabin for the week he work

Date:  9/1/2004
Name:  Sandy Helms
Location:  Fredericksburg, VA
Comments:  Joe powered washed and brushed 3 coats of Sikkens on the outside of our log home in August of 2004. It was the first time in 10 years the exterior of our home had been refinished. Joe did a great job. It is obvious he cares about the quality of his work. I will gladly show our home to anyone thinking about employing Joe. Just give me a call at 540-752-4106.

Date:  6/7/2003
Name:  Richard L. Baldwin
Location:  Triangle, VA
Comments:  Joe's work is unpalleled . He and his crew are careful, courteous and professional. They come on the job, complete it , clean up and put things back where they were , check the results of their efforts and leave. His prices are VERY reasonable and his work VERY professional. Richard Baldwin

Date:  7/9/2002
Name:  Ken "Doc Mojo" Musgrave
Location:  Waterford, VA
Comments:  Joe has an amazing eye for detail. He's a bona fide perfectionist. Our house has over 100 windows, and he sanded water stains off of the wood on every single on eof them. I'm still in awe of that!!! And his exterior work is just as good. Joe gets my highest recommendation!

Date:  6/28/2002 
Name:  K.G.
Location:  Southern Shores, NC
Comments:  Joe did an incredible job on our house. He treated our tiny beach cottage like it was the Taj Mahal. The first truly professional painter I have ever encountered, Joe takes a serious approach to his work and is very willing to share his knowledge and expertise. The quality of the finished product is unsurpassed and the work was done at a price that was no more than a "jack leg" painter would have charged. Thanks again Joe for a tremedous job! Best of luck to you and your dad! .

Date:  6/7/2002
Name:  Cindy and Eddie Russell
Location:  Norfolk, VA
Comments:  Joe, thanks for the great job,and express our thanks and best wishes to your dad.We hope Sikkens is everything the literature says it is because the oceanfront shows no mercy.Your concern about detail is welcomed.We now recognize that the place is not an easy one to paint and appreciate your willingness to watch it over time.Thanks again for your attentive eye and willingness to work.

Date:  5/9/2002
Name:  John J. Knittle
Location:  Westerville, OH
Comments:  Joe, Thanks for your patience and expertise. For the people reading this site, we have an 8 bedroom house in South Nags Head that we should have stained a couple of years ago. Joe managed to make our "sponge" great again. His painstaking attention to detail was a refreshing difference - to the "painters" we've experienced in the past. I highly recommend his services, but ONLY if you want the JOB DONE RIGHT!

Date:  4/22/2002
Name:  Joe Murphy
Location:  Glen Allen, VA
Comments:  Joe, thanks for the wonderful job you did on the Nags Head house!! It looks great, and the compliments keep coming from neighbors, friends and family!

Date:  6/2/2000
Name:  Lily
Location:  Cary, NC
Comments:  Thank you for all the excellent work you have done for me.  I look forward to our mutual future projects.  I  have no doubt I will be in good hands. If you need any references, let me know!  Thanks again Joe!

Date:  8/26/1999
Name:  Bob DeMuth
Location:  Woodbridge, VA, USA
Comments:  Joe led a team remodeling the Jazz Street Grill and we can personally testify to his professional abilities. Additionally, he's a friendly and honest person to the core. Thanks Joe!!!!!